Welcome to VS2 Fitness, Charlotte’s full correction health and fitness service. From our new member enrollment process to your last training session, YOUR GOALS ARE OUR GOALS. Head coach, Vinson Smith's, approach to physical training will use your everyday movements and corrective exercise programming to build you towards the goals you’ve set out to achieve.


Our exclusive membership provides access to a fitness network that successfully relies on educating individuals towards managing a lifestyle of better health and fitness. 

Some of the most successful individuals work with a coach to push them to their absolute potential - WHY NOT YOU? For the beginner, ex athlete, or fitness superstar VS2 Fitness' screening process identifies your performance needs, flexibility, mobility, muscular imbalances and strength deficiencies. 

With over 10 years experience in sports and fitness developmental training, Vinson uses effective functional movement system techniques that encourage you, as a team member, to move often and to move well.