One-On-One Training

Everyone responds uniquely to exercise training and has different fitness needs and goals. Our private one-on-one program sessions are carefully designed to take in your ability level, understanding of exercising fundamentals and realistic level of commitment.


Semi-Private Training

Our semiprivate training sessions are designed to improve motivation, accountability, fitness results, and overall health for people of all experience levels. Each session accommodates (at least) two  attendees and features fun, safe, and effective movements to help people achieve their fitness goals.

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Athletic Performance Training

 Our training program takes into account the sport and the position you play along with characteristics such as your age, gender, fitness level, and medical history. Using sound scientific principles and proven training techniques, we create customized and effective workout plans to increase our athletic client’s speed, strength and stamina.


Fitness Assesment

The purpose of this assessment is to take an appraisal of your CURRENT health and fitness status to help determine your fitness level. Using a combination of your assessment results, as well as going over your fitness goals and nutrition, your fitness coach will then determine the best possible fitness routine(s) for you.


Nutritional Guidance

The purpose of these tours is to educate our clients on how to read and compare food labels, prepare a healthy shopping list and accurately interpret health claims so that every client can shop with confidence knowing that they are choosing the best foods to support their health-related goals. Each attendee will receive a folder that includes a grocery shopping guide, shopping list and other resources that will serves as an aid to their nutritional goals.


Group Training

The more may be the merrier with our group training program. Each group training class is limited to 3 to 5 people with custom workouts designed and led by a personal trainer. Group training participants receive the same benefits as our one-on-one personal training clients, with an added advantage of shared trainer time and motivational support from other group members.