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How will I feel after my first personal training session?

You may feel some soreness after your initial session, or at other points throughout your fitness journey as new movements are introduced into your program. The soreness is completely normal and you should still be able to continue with your daily activities. If you feel anything more than discomfort or tenderness for more than 1-2 days after your session, or if you are experiencing pain which may feel more debilitating, talk to your trainer at the start of your next session so they can adjust your program accordingly.

How long until I see results?

Like most things in life, the more YOU put into it, the more YOU will get out of it. Our trainers will work with you on establishing both short and long-term goals and will work with you to adjust or set new goals along the way. To make sure we stay on track, we conduct 6-8 progress checks.  Clients who have followed their complete weekly plan typically see positive results, including remarkable improvements in strength, mobility, flexibility and endurance during this period.

What do I need to bring to my session?

A positive attitude! Water, equipment and motivation will be provided for you by your personal trainer - just show up ready to take one more step toward achieving your goals.

What can I do outside the studio to achieve my goals?

Everyone has different goals so there is not one answer to this question. We encourage you to keep a food log/journal if you are interested in weight loss. If flexibility and mobility are a primary focus for you, we encourage foam rolling and stretching on your own. For most clients, we suggest doing some form of cardiovascular exercise on your own, outside your VS2 Fitness sessions. Your trainer can provide you with more specific recommendations that are best suited to your goals and program. 

How do I refer a friend to VS2 FITNESS?

We would love the opportunity to have friends or family join us as a VS2 Fitness client. If you provide us with their contact information, we will get in touch with your referral to schedule a complimentary phone consultation. If your referral purchases a package, you will receive a special offer. Please contact your studio for details of the referral program.

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