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How much does personal training cost?

Customized personal training with a professional trainer in a private setting is an investment which varies in cost by frequency of sessions and overall commitment to goals. VS2 FITNESS offers various options and types of training that fit within most budgets. If you would like to schedule a FREE phone consultation to find out about pricing and programs, please click the button below. 


Get your FREE (20 minute)

consultation via phone.

You might want to give our free phone consultation a try if:

· You are intimidated by the gym setting
· You aren't really sure how to work with a fitness coach
· You don't know if a fitness coach would be right for you
· You aren't sure what you should do in the gym to reach your goals
· You find yourself stuck in your comfort zone on the cardio equipment
· You want to learn some new exercises to get you out of a rut
· You are having a hard time staying motivated

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